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Adele Bay, Crete

About 8 km east of Rethymnon, on the road leading to the Arkadi Monastery, lies the small village of Adele. Its small population was traditionally engaged in agriculture, fertile plains made it possible to collect rich harvests of vegetables and fruits. Agriculture has gradually replaced the more profitable tourism business. The village of Adele, as well as the neighboring Agia Paraskevi and Adelianos Kampos merged into one tourist zone.

In the village of Adele itself, there is nothing remarkable except for the narrow streets and neat little houses buried in verdure. The infrastructure is well developed: numerous hotels provide accommodation options for every budget, taverns and restaurants offer hearty dishes of European and Greek cuisine, shops and souvenir shops offer a standard set of products.

In addition to the natural beauties, excellent service and the gentle Cretan Sea, the resort provides opportunities for independent travel. Nearby is the junction of 2 highways, which allows you to leave almost anywhere in the island.

Adele Bay
Adele Bay

This place is beautiful at any time of the year, but most tourists like to be in the harbor from May to October, during the swimming season. Water warms up to + 22-24 ° C, and the air temperature stably stays at + 30 ° C. Heat peaks in mid-July and early August.

Adele Beach
Adele Beach

The main beach located in the village is called Adele Beach. Spacious, clean and well-groomed, it is in demand by both tourists and local residents. The coastline is covered with yellow sand, on the sides of the main beach there are small pebble areas, in some places the entrance to the sea is complicated by a slippery stone slab of natural origin.

Due to the peculiarities of the landscape and the lack of cliffs holding back the wind, waves are not uncommon here. For this reason, Adele Bay is not very suitable for families with young children.

When entering the water, you should pay attention to sea urchins. Especially a lot of them in the middle of summer. If you are careful, these representatives of the ichthyofauna do not cause inconvenience.

The beach has a pleasant rest. In the daytime, lifeguards are on duty at the towers, there are changing cabins, showers, kayaks and jet skis are available for rent. For lovers of water activities, banana rides and parasailing are provided. Toilets are located in the many cafes and restaurants surrounding the rest area.

The coastline is divided between hotels, taverns, there are municipal sections. Everywhere there is beach equipment in good condition. Renting a set of 2 sunbeds and an umbrella will cost you 6 € for the whole day.

If you came to the beach of someone else’s hotel in high season, you may be politely asked to leave the territory due to lack of free places for your own guests. Some cafes along the coast provide sunbeds and umbrellas for free when ordering food and drinks from 6 €. Municipal sections are available to all comers.

Rent a car in Crete

If your trip to the resort starts from Heraklion Airport, you can:

Take a taxi and get to your hotel in Adele. The distance between the airport and the village is about 80 km. The trip will last a little over an hour and will cost 80-90 €.

Hire a car by contacting one of the many rental locations located in the airport terminal building. It makes sense if you intend to further explore the sights of the resort and travel around the island. Car rental costs 30-40 € per day. The price of a liter of fuel is within 2 €.

Take the bus and get to Heraklion, then get to the bus station to continue the trip. It will take about 20 minutes to get to the city. Ticket price is about 2 €. The interval of traffic is 15-20 minutes.

From Heraklion
You should get to the bus station A, it is located in the old part of the city. There are buses number 1 or 78K. At the station you need to buy a direct ticket to Adele. Price does not exceed 6 €. Travel time is about an hour. Some buses to the nearby town of Rethymnon are also suitable, but at the ticket office you need to check if transport stops in Adele.

From Rethymnon
The distance between Adele and Rethymnon is only 7 km. Between the resorts regularly runs transport. Ticket price – about 1,50 €. The trip takes approximately 15 minutes.

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