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How much is food in Cyprus

Food prices in Cyprus cannot be called cheap. Firstly, the island does not have enough fertile land to cultivate all the necessary crops and raise livestock. Secondly, the delivery of goods is possible only by sea and air, which affects the formation of their value. Thirdly, Cyprus is a resort where all the conditions are created that stimulate the tourist to leave as much money as possible in shops, cafes and other institutions.

Prices in restaurants and taverns of Cyprus, as well as grocery stores and markets are seasonal and territorial in nature. From the end of May to the end of September they are higher by an average of 20% compared with the rest of the months. In Ayia Napa and Paphos, food will be more expensive than in Nicosia and Limassol. Pricing is determined by the popularity of the tourist destination.

Breakfast in Cyprus

As a rule, tourists prefer breakfast in the hotel restaurant, as it is automatically included in the price. From about 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., the hotel offers its guests a buffet consisting of a standard set of delicacies: pastries, cereals, fruits, sausages and sausages, dairy products, egg dishes, juices, tea, coffee, etc. For this reason, only some cafes and taverns have breakfast on the menu. It can be continental or national. You can order all the same that is served at the hotel. A morning meal will cost from 12 to 20 €.

Fast Food in Protaras

If you decide to visit a cafe or tavern on the beach without interrupting water activities and sunbathing, eating will cost you more than lunch at a cafe located some distance from the sea. The difference in price tag will be from 2 to 3 € for each menu item.

Snacks (mezhedhes) cost from 3 to 7 €. Soup – from 4 to 6 €. The price of meat dishes varies from 10 to 20 €. The cheapest are cooked from pork, beef delicacies will cost more, because on the island due to the arid climate there are almost no pastures to graze cows. Almost all beef is imported from EU countries. Lamb and chicken dishes are almost at the same price level.

Fish specialties can be enjoyed by giving no more than 15 €. Fishermen regularly deliver the freshest seafood to cafes and restaurants. The choice is truly huge.

The portions are quite large, so some dishes can be safely ordered for 2 persons, no one will remain hungry.

Soft drinks cost around 2 €, a glass of wine – from 3 €, a beer – 3-5 €, coffee 2-2.5 €.

You can do with the so-called set menu. This is something like a business lunch for tourists, which includes salad (appetizer), hot (soup or a second) and a modest dessert. For such a dinner you will have to pay from 10 to 15 €. The portions are already more modest. Restaurants serving such lunches lie at a distance of popular tourist areas.

Dinner at the restaurant

Dinner is the most important meal. A meal with wine for two will cost from 50 to 60 €. The final cost is determined by appetite.

You should definitely try these dishes of national cuisine. Price is per serving.

Moussaka (eggplant baked with lamb, tomatoes, tomatoes and potatoes with Bechamel sauce) – 12 €.
Squids – 7 €.
Fish – from 5 €.
Spaghetti Bolognese – 6 €.
Kleftiko (pieces of spicy lamb stewed for several hours in the oven) – 15 €.
Stifado (pieces of beef marinated in wine with spices and onions, cooked in the oven) – 13 €.
Kiftedes (pork and beef patties with mint) – 12 €.
Pork skewers (garnished with vegetables) – 15 €.
Dolmades (ground beef or mutton with spices, wrapped in leaves and steamed) – 13 €.
Afelia (sliced ​​pork marinated in coriander, a mixture of peppers and onions) – 8 €.
Halumi (local goat cheese). Served sliced ​​or grilled – 7 €.

The cuisine of the Mediterranean region is one of the most delicious and healthy in the world. No wonder there are so many centenarians in these parts. It’s all about proper nutrition. It is best to get acquainted with Cypriot delicacies in these restaurants and cafes.

Meze Tavern

A small, democratic establishment serving local cuisine with an emphasis on seafood. The mental atmosphere stimulates the appetite.

Average bill: 20 €.

Opening hours: from 18:00 to 23:00

Address: Limassol, 209, Agiou Andreou

Flames restaurant and bar

The family restaurant specializes in homemade Cypriot cuisine, which is why all the dishes are simple but very tasty. The portions are large. There are tables in the open. The institution is always a lot of guests.

Average bill: 40 €.

Opening hours: from 12:00 to 02:00

Address: Ayia Napa, 58, Ayias Mavris street

Ficardo restaurant

The menu offers local and European cuisines. Meat dishes are especially good here. An open veranda is ideal for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Average bill: 50 €.

Opening hours: from 18:00 to 24:00

Address: Paphos, 50, Posedonos avenue

Vino Cultura Wine Bar & Cellar

Young people and partygoers will like it here. This place is ideal for tasting Cypriot wines. Do not forget to order hearty dishes.

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