Gava, Spain
The seaside town of Gava, located between Barcelona and Sitges, and the tourist district of Gava Mar, which is an integral part of it, are considered to be an elite…

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How to get from Tel Aviv to Eilat
Israel is a small country, which is not difficult to travel around, especially since the transport system is well developed. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the…

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Chang Island
Chang Island is a popular tourist resort located in the Southeast of Thailand. It is washed by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand and formally belongs to the province…

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How much is food in Crete

Crete, the birthplace of Zeus, is the largest Greek island, considered one of the best resorts in Europe. Going on vacation to this paradise, it will be useful to find out the cost of food in Crete in order to correctly plan the budget of the trip. Greece is a part of the European Union, therefore, the prices here are European, despite the economic, political and migration upheavals. Prices in cafes and restaurants can not be called too cheap, but they will not prevent you from fully enjoying the local cuisine in all its diverse splendor.

Tomorrow in Crete

Greeks do not like breakfast. The most important meal consists of a cup of strong coffee, toast or rolls, a slice of cheese, sometimes seasonal fruits. Therefore, if you like to eat a hearty meal in the morning, then it is better to do it in a hotel whose staff is well acquainted with the gastronomic habits of Russians. A rare cafe or tavern will work at such an early hour and offer a menu that can adequately compete with the hotel. A modest breakfast in the cafe will cost from 8 to 10 € per person. As a rule, they offer a standard “continental” option.

Coffee costs from 2 to 3 €, tea – 2 €, sandwich or bun – 2-3 €, omelet with toppings – 3.50 – 4 €, yogurt with fruit or honey – 3.50 €.

Lunch in Crete

Catering facilities are located on almost every corner. They conduct different pricing policies to maximize the needs of wealthy and budget tourists. If you are looking for a mid-range establishment, pay attention to taverns, not restaurants. See who makes up the vast majority of visitors. If they are Greeks, it means that they serve national food at pleasant prices.

Snacks cost on average 1-2 €. Salad will cost as much as 5 €, soup – 4-5 €, meat with a vegetable side dish in the range of 10 €, and fish delicacy – 15 €. For a glass of freshly squeezed juice you will have to pay 2.5 €, for a cup of local beer – 3 €, and for ordinary water – 1.5-2 €.

There are set meals at prices ranging from 10 to 11 €. They consist of a snack (salad), a modest first or second course of your choice and a glass of homemade wine.

There are always a lot of fast foods in the area of ​​beaches. The choice is small, but to satisfy the hunger is not difficult. The menu includes sandwiches on average up to 2 € (with tuna, cheese, egg, ham, etc.). There are regular, double hamburgers with various types of meat and even vegetarian from 3 to 4 €. Be sure to try the gyros. Fresh vegetables, misitra cheese, as well as slices of lamb or pork cooked on the grill are wrapped in a flat cake from a fresh text. Price within 3-4 €. Sprite, Fanta, Cola cost about 2 €.

Dinner in Crete

A hearty dinner with wine without gastronomic delights will cost from 40 to 50 €. The price can increase at times if you order imported delicacies and do not limit yourself to alcohol. The portions are large. It makes sense to order some dishes for two. In general, prices in taverns and cafes in Crete are acceptable.

Greek salad – 6 €.
Fish meze — 20 €.
Meat meat – 15 €.
Assorted Greek appetizers – 7-10 €.
Lamb ribs – 11 €.
Spicy veal in tomato sauce – 12 €.
Pizza – 12-15 €.
Pasta – within 5 €.
Musaka (minced meat baked with vegetables and cheese) – 7 €.
Souvlaki kebabs – 4 € for 2 sticks.
Grilled pork slices garnished with vegetables – 8 €.
Paputsakia (baked eggplant with pink tomatoes and Bechamel sauce) – 8 €.
Homemade wine 0.5 L – 5 €.
Beer (glass) – from 2 to 4 €.
Each establishment has a decent selection of seafood. The freshest delicacies are regularly delivered by local sailors or imported from EU countries. The latter are much more expensive. The price for seafood is indicated in kilograms (with head, tail, scales and shells). At the output, the portion weighs about 400 g.

Lobster – 60 €.

Fagri fish – 50 €.

Local delicacy Gavros (small fried fish) – 9 €.

Sardines – 7 €.

Mullet – 35 €.

Shop in Crete

If you plan to stay in Crete and rented a house, you can easily discover the gift of a culinary specialist by starting to prepare delicious dishes from local products.

Fruits and vegetables are best bought in the market early in the morning. They are fresher and cheaper than store ones. Prices depend on the season. Markets close by 2 p.m. By this time, you can agree on discounts.

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