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How much is food in Rhodes

Going to Greece and planning a trip budget, a number of factors should be taken into account. First, island prices are slightly higher compared to the mainland. This is due to the logistics of the delivery of goods. Secondly, in resorts traditionally goods and services are more expensive. Thirdly, even within the same island, the cost of food and drinks will differ – the store, cafe can be located in a busy tourist area or stand at a respectful distance from popular attractions.

To determine how much money to take to Rhodes, you should decide where you are going to eat – in taverns and restaurants or cook yourself. The latter is relevant only subject to the availability of rental housing for a long time.

Pastry shop

If you bought a package tour, breakfast is automatically included in the price of the hotel. This paid offer should not be neglected. Most hotels offer their guests a hearty breakfast buffet, where you can find everything from salads, sausages and ham to sour-milk products and fruits.

In Greece, morning meals are not held in high esteem, so the menu of cafes and restaurants loses noticeably in variety to the hotel. In addition, most catering facilities are closed at such an early hour.

If you manage to find a working cafe, you can order:

coffee – from 3 to 5 €
tea – 2 €
freshly squeezed juice – 2.5-3 €
pastries – from 2 to 4 €
sandwiches – from 3 to 5 €
fried eggs or omelette – from 2 to 6 €
muesli, yogurt with seasonal fruits – from 3 to 5 €
On average, breakfast for one person will cost about 10-12 €.

Lunch in Rhodes

Prices in cafes and restaurants of Rhodes vary depending on the degree of remoteness from the tourist areas. Lunch for one person in a busy place will cost about 30 €, and in a tavern in a quiet side street already at 20 €. Fish and seafood are traditionally more expensive than meat. Beef is the most expensive, as there are few fields and pastures on the island to raise cattle.

The seasonality factor should also be taken into account. In summer, prices are the highest.

In a tavern of the middle price category, the cost of the menu is approximately as follows:

Snacks – from 2-5 €.
Salad – from 3 to 8 €.
First course – 5 – 6 €.
The second dish is 7-8 €.
A glass of juice – 2-3 €.
A glass of beer – 3 €.
Glass of wine – 3,5 €.
There are standard set meals for tourists. They cost around 15 €. You should not count on culinary delights, but the portions are decent, and the food is delicious. The menu offers a choice: appetizer (salad) + first (second) + juice (wine).

Fast food can be a reasonable alternative to lunch in a cafe. On the streets of the resort towns and villages of Rhodes, there are always many tents offering an inexpensive snack. Instead of the usual hamburgers (3-4 €) and sandwiches (2-3 €), buy a gyros (something like shawarma, but much tastier and fresher) for 2-3 € depending on the toppings or a spring roll (locals call it crepe ) cost from 5 to 7 €.

Buy soft drinks at a nearby store. A bottle of water costs 0.5 – 1 €, a can of Cola, Sprite or Fanta – 2-3 €, a can of beer – from 2 €.

Dinner in Rhodes

Dinner is the most important meal. In the evening, the streets of Rhodes are filled with tantalizing flavors that excite appetite, the owners of cafes and restaurants vying to invoke guests of the island. When ordering from the menu, remember that the portions are very generous and some dishes can be perfectly ordered for two. A visit to the tavern will cost about 30-40 € per person, but it all depends on the appetite and on the amount of alcohol consumed.

Greek plate (assorted appetizers) – 11 €.
Greek salad – 5 €.
Tuna salad – 5, 50 €.
Musaka —8 €.
Grilled eggplant – 5 €.
Grilled pork cutlet – 9 €.
Beef chop – 11 €.
Grilled lamb ribs – 8.50 €.
Grilled chicken – 7 €.
Various pasta wines – 4 – 5 €.
Kleftiko (pieces of lamb stewed with onions, potatoes and lemon) – 10 €.
Pizza – 7-10 €.
Shrimp in batter – 15 €.
King prawns (prepared in any way at the request of the guest) – 50 € per 1 kg.
Octopus in wine vinegar – 8 €.
Mussels 500 g – 9 €.
Oysters 500 g – 12 €.
Lobster 1 kg – 60 €.
Ice cream – 1.5 € per serving.
Wine 500 ml – from 18 €.
Beer 500 ml – from 3,50 €.
The institution is interested in you returning, so the chef gives guests compliments. It can be sweets, seasonal fruits or a glass of alcoholic drink.

Shop in Faliraki

Fruits, vegetables and greens are better to buy in the markets, as there are the lowest prices. If you arrive at the market early, by 9:00, the choice of goods will be greater, and the gifts of nature are fresher. If you stop shopping at 2 p.m. before closing, you can only find the leftovers from past variety, but prices will be lower, as merchants do not want to bring unsold products

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