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How to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are the two most important cities in Israel. The first is an economic and cultural center, a fashionable cosmopolitan, combining European secularity and loyalty to the ancient traditions of the Torah. The second is the capital of the state and the main spiritual center of several religions. Being in the Holy Land, you should definitely visit these different, but such colorful cities. The distance between them is about 70 km. The journey takes about an hour. The exact time depends on the mode of transport.


You can go on a trip from the Arlozorov bus station (connected by train to Ben Gurion Airport) or from the New Ha-Hagan Central Bus Station. From both terminals, transport makes flights from 05:50 to 00:00 with an interval of 1 hour to 20 minutes. On Shabbat, the number of flights is reduced.

A ticket costs 16 shekels. It is sold both at the box office and at the driver. Travel time is a little over an hour. Transportation is performed by Egged.

All buses, regardless of the departure point in Tel Aviv, arrive at Jerusalem Central Station.

Minibuses depart from the New Central Bus Station Ha-Hagan. Parking is located on the right side, if you turn to face the facade of the terminal. Cars are equipped with air conditioning and drive fast enough. In 50-60 minutes you will be there.

However, there is one drawback. The driver will not go anywhere until all or almost all of the seats are occupied (at least 10 people). In Jerusalem, a minibus carries passengers to the indicated addresses, so you should tell the driver in advance where you should be dropped off. The price is about 60 shekels.

The same minibuses travel from Ben Gurion Airport. Ticket price – 70 shekels.

This type of transport is available even on Shabbat without any restrictions.

Railway station in Tel Aviv

The path will be very picturesque and will take from 1 hour 15 minutes. up to 1 hour 30 minutes There are 4 railway stations in Tel Aviv:

Merkaz Central
Ha shalom
Ha hagan
All trains go through the main hub of Ha-Hagan. The final stop in Jerusalem is the zoo. The ticket price when buying at any station is 20 shekels. 4 flights are available daily, except Saturday.

Trains also run directly from Ben Gurion Airport (Terminal 3) to Jerusalem. Travel time – 60 minutes. Ticket price – the same 20 shekels.

The timetable can be checked on the Israeli Railways website.

This is the most convenient, but expensive form of transport. You can take a taxi both at Ben Gurion Airport and in Tel Aviv itself. The trip will cost about 350 shekels. You will have to pay for luggage separately. If more than 2 adults are traveling in the car, starting from the 3rd special rate applies. At night (from 20:30 to 06:00), as well as on Shabbat, the fare is more expensive.

It’s more profitable to travel from Ben Gurion Airport, as several competing carriers work there simultaneously. Fixed prices are shown on the display at taxi racks.

If you do not want to depend on public transport schedules and religious holidays, rent a car. Renting a budget middle-class car costs 160-180 shekels a day. The price of fuel is about 6 shekels per liter and is paid separately. The machine is provided with a full tank. Without traffic jams, Jerusalem is easily accessible in 50 minutes.

Wall of Tears

There are no problems buying an excursion to Jerusalem. Each hotel has brochures from travel agencies, street agencies are actively offering their services. Almost everyone has a standard program, a Russian-speaking guide is provided.

When purchasing a tour, specify the number of people in the group. Groups are small (up to 15 people) and large (up to 60 people). The more people traveling, the cheaper the trip. Although a tour in a small group is more expensive, you will be able to inspect more.

Without fail, all tourists are shown the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Calvary, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, Gethsemane, the Church of the Passion of the Lord, Mount Zion and the Wailing Wall.

The cost of the tour starts from 45 USD. The price depends on the program and the number of its participants.

The bus leaves at 06:00 and returns at about 18:00.

Jerusalem observation deck

The short distance between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is a good reason to visit the Israeli capital. It will take you about 1 hour on the road. The most affordable and affordable way is the bus. Flights are available all day. A ticket costs 16 shekels.

The train will cost more – 20 shekels per ticket. There are fewer flights, but they are both from Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport. The same goes for minibus. It will deliver to almost any address in Jerusalem for 60-70 shekels.

If your budget is unlimited, take a taxi. The price of the trip is from 350 shekels (baggage is paid separately).

Large companies, families and those who do not want to get attached to the traffic schedule should rent a car. A modest car costs 160-180 shekels a day.

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