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Gava, Spain

The seaside town of Gava, located between Barcelona and Sitges, and the tourist district of Gava Mar, which is an integral part of it, are considered to be an elite holiday destination for both tourists and the local population. Even in high season it is not crowded. An excellent beach, developed infrastructure, favorable ecological situation, mountains and green forests have become the hallmark of this Mediterranean resort.

Barcelona Airport

From Barcelona Airport (6 km)
By bus:

Since the distance between Gava and El Prat Air Harbor is small, it can be covered by public transport. There is a bus stop at the exit of the T1 terminal. Take the L99 bus. He goes to Castelldefels with a stop in Gava. Buses are available from 05.30 to 21:30. Interval of movement – 20 minutes. Travel time is approximately 15 minutes. Ticket price – within 2 €. Children under 4 years old – free of charge.

By train:

This method cannot be called very convenient. The train is suitable for those tourists who arrived before or after the end of the bus movement.

Terminal T2 has a train station. Take the train to El Prat de Llobregat. The journey takes about 7 minutes. Then you need to transfer by train to Sitges and get off at Gava station. The road will take about 7 minutes. Trains run from early morning to late evening at intervals of 15 to 60 minutes. You can check the timetable on the Renfes railway website. The total cost of tickets to the destination is approximately 4 €.

A free shuttle bus runs between terminals T1 and T2 from 5:30 to 24:00 with an interval of 7-10 minutes.

By taxi:

A taxi will take you to the specified address in 10 minutes. The cost of the trip is about 28 €.

From Barcelona (26 km)
From the stop Barcelona-Pl. Reina Maria Cristina every 15 minutes leaves the bus L 97 to Gava. The final stop is Ctra. de Bcn. a sta. Creu de C. – Sarrià. Travel time is 35 minutes. Ticket price – 3 €. At the final stop, you need to change to a local bus that goes to the Gava Mar area, this is another 5-10 minutes.

If you want to immediately get to the Gava Mar area, the journey should begin on the central square of Barcelona – Pl. Espanya. Take the buses L 94, L 95. They leave with a break of 15 minutes. The road will take a little more than 40 minutes. Ticket price is about 3 €.

From Castelldefels (3 km)
In the daytime, L 96 and L 97 city buses run between Castelldefels and Gava at 10-minute intervals. Transport departs from Rda. Ramón Otero – Major. The final stop in Gava is Ctra. de Bcn. a sta. Creu de C. – Sarrià. Ticket price is a little over 1 €. Travel time is 9 minutes.

Gava Mar Beach

The recreation area with hotels, apartments for rent and villas is located in the Gava Mar area. The long sandy beach, which starts from Barcelona Airport and stretches to Castelldefels, is maintained in perfect condition. The descent into the water is comfortable, the depth near the coast is very small, so the sea warms up quickly. This place is best suited for families with children. Entrance to the beach is free, sun loungers and umbrellas are provided for a fee. There are toilets, changing cabins, sports fields for playing volleyball and football, playgrounds. Cafes and restaurants stretch along the coast.

If you are tired of lazily lying in the sand, engage in active water sports. Magicwave Gava Club rents kayaks, catamarans, and surfing and kitesurfing classes are also available here.

There are few parking lots on the beach. Local authorities seriously care for a clean environment. Therefore, motorists should come to the beach early in the morning to have time to take a seat.

Eramprunha Castle

There are no historical places in Gava that every cultural person must visit. However, the resort can still offer several objects that have come down to us from the depths of centuries, for which it is worth leaving the beach. Here are the sights worth seeing:

Eramprunha Castle
The construction can hardly be called a castle. Built at the dawn of the 10th century to protect against the Arab conquerors, the towers and walls have long been turned into ruins. The Municipality of Gava bought Eramprunho from the previous owners and is raising funds to restore the castle to its former glory and turn it into a tourist attraction.

Chapel Mare de Déu de Bruguers
The chapel stands in the village of Bruguers, near the resort. It was erected in the 13th century, but since then it has been repeatedly rebuilt and updated until the 16th century. The building is considered the perfect example of Catalan Gothic. It stands out with carved decorative ornaments and bizarre counterforts.

Archaeological park
This is a symbiosis of the park and the museum. Some of the expositions are in the open, others are enclosed in ancient caves. Rather, it will be more interesting for children than adults. The route runs through narrow, rock-cut corridors, glass bridges and mines, where fossils that are more than a million years old have been preserved.

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