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Prices for food and souvenirs in Phuket

Phuket is perhaps the most popular destination among tourists from all countries who want to see Thailand. Connected to the mainland by several bridges, the island is not lacking in goods and products. The generous waters of the Andaman Sea regularly deliver delicious delicacies to the table. Therefore, food prices in Phuket are quite reasonable compared to other exotic island resorts.

Breakfast in phuket

Breakfast in cafes and restaurants is served from 07:00 to 10:00. At such an early hour, a rare person on vacation will drive himself out of a comfortable bed. The owners of small catering enterprises know this, so they don’t bother themselves with work. It is economically unprofitable to open a restaurant for a couple of visitors, although there are enviable exceptions.

Mostly tourists eat in restaurants at hotels, often breakfast is automatically included in the price. Even if you are not a guest of the hotel, no one will object to your presence. At your service 2 types of breakfast:

Continental (from 250 baht). It includes: scrambled eggs (omelet), vegetables (slices of tomatoes and cucumbers), toast, jam, butter, a glass of juice (orange or pineapple), a cup of coffee or tea.
Buffet (from 500 baht). It is a standard set of food and drinks: cold appetizers, pastries, granola, yogurts, eggs of all kinds, several dishes of national Thai cuisine, fruits, vegetables.
If you are lucky to find a working cafe, then the breakfast menu is not much inferior to the hotel in terms of the variety of delicacies, but the price of dishes is much lower.

Continental breakfast – 140 baht.
American breakfast (the same as continental, but only without vegetables) – 130 baht.
Farm breakfast (toast, jam, coffee, juice) – 120 baht.
Thai breakfast (fruit salad, coffee, juice) – 110 baht.
Coffee, 2 croissants (rolls), juice – 100 baht.
Lunch in phuket
Lunch in phuket
By lunch (lunch), most cafes and restaurants are already fully operational. Food on the beach is more expensive. There, vacationers do not pay for the assortment, but for the service, when you do not need to leave the sunbed.

If you move away from the beach for some distance, food and drink prices will be much nicer. You can dine in a cafe for tourists, a cafe for locals or in a restaurant. In the latter, the cost of dishes will be more expensive. Remember, in any institution, European cuisine will cost more than Thai.

A number of establishments have a Russian menu thanks to the Russian-speaking owners. The cost of okroshka, borsch or aspic includes nostalgia for the motherland, and for this you will have to fork out.

Some specialties of fresh fish and seafood in catering, regardless of their price category, may not be. Since the fishermen deliver their catch in the evening, when the hungry tourists returned from the beach and go on an evening exercise and adventure.

On average, lunch for one person will cost in:

cafe for locals – from 100 baht.
cafe for tourists – from 200 baht.
restaurant – from 600 baht.
It is difficult to guess the average check, as the appetites are different for young ladies on an eternal diet and a strong man.

Dinner in phuket

When the heat subsides, the streets of Phuket come to life. At the crossroads, shakers (mobile carts with food) are on duty, cafes and restaurants are lit with colorful lights, trying to attract the maximum number of customers.

The prices are the cheapest in the top stores:

Sausage – 10 baht.
Chicken skewers – 15 baht.
Pork skewers – 20 baht.
Balls of minced fish on a skewer – 30-35 baht.
Dried squid – 15 baht.
Grilled fish – 45 baht.
Soup in a bag – 30-40 baht.
Fans of sweets should pay attention to pancakes with various fillings from 40 baht.

A huge number of Thai national delicacies are presented in the night markets. The largest is in Patong. The price range ranges from 25 to 60 baht per dish.

Prices in a regular cafe
Name of dish Average price in baht
Tuna salad


Seafood salad


Salad with glass noodles, vegetables, slices of pork / chicken / shrimp


Coconut Curry Spicy Chicken Soup


Tom Yam Soup


Tomato Soup with Croutons


Grilled fish fillet (steamed) with rice and vegetables

from 250

Grilled steak with french fries and vegetables


Seafood platter in curry


Mussels in sauce


Pad Thai


Fried Chicken with Vegetables and Cashews


Fried rice with vegetables


Milkshake 0.5 L

120 -160

A glass of juice 250 ml

from 40

Beer 0.5 L

from 90

Souvenirs are a pleasant reminder of a vacation in tropical Phuket. Brisk trade in pleasant things is carried out on every corner: in small shops or tents in the open. The assortment is practically no different. There is no fixed price. It depends on the seller evaluating your well-being, so don’t forget to bargain. The final cost of the trinket may fall by 40-50% of the initial.

The goods with a fixed price are presented in large specialized stores and shopping centers.

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