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Budget Maldives 2, Thoddoo Island

Winter is a rare depressive season in our latitudes: dirt, wind, rain and snow do not cause positive emotions. But if we can’t change the weather, then our location is easy, there would be a desire.

My wife and I decided to go again to the Maldives. We really like it there. Contrary to popular belief, you can relax on the islands of paradise on a budget, you just need to know the place and watch the shares from airlines vigilantly.

Airplane at Pulkovo Airport

Our beloved Emirates arranged a sale in November, and we managed to buy St. Petersburg – Male – St. Petersburg tickets for the end of February – early January for only 28,000 rubles. for one person. One minus – the flight is not direct, you need to make a transfer in Dubai, but we are already used to flying through the Emirates. Moreover, the airport in the UAE is one of the best and most comfortable in the world.

Thoddoo Beach

Each Maldives island is, in fact, a separate resort, therefore, we have carefully approached the choice of our habitat, since in case of misunderstanding the hotel will be difficult to change.

Last time, we wanted to stay on Toddu Island, but did not dare because of problems with the transfer (as it seemed to us then). We flew in in the evening, so we would have to sail to the island at night in a small boat that floats for 6 hours. This prospect was not very attractive, so it was decided to go to Omada Island. This time we decided to get to Todd and see if he is as good as they describe him.

Territory Summer Inn

We booked Summer Inn Thoddoo at Toddu ★★★ for 10 nights with full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for US $ 897 excluding taxes (with taxes around 1,100), including tax on the bed. In the Maldives, for every tourist, regardless of his age, an additional fee of US $ 8 per night is taken.

In Male, we reserved the Skai Loadge hotel, which we stayed on during our last trip. Pleasure cost us $ 55 (excluding taxes). A hotel in the capital was needed to spend time before departure. A boat from Toddu arrives in Male at 09:00, and the plane leaves only at 23:00. We did not want to wander around the island with bags in the heat in anticipation of the flight.

Finally, we left the dull Peter and after 6 hours landed safely in Dubai. Waiting for the next flight, we spent 3 hours at the airport: had a snack and went shopping. The flight to Male took 4 hours.

On approaching the Maldives, we were unpleasantly surprised by the weather. Clouds frowned in the porthole, due to which the islands and the ocean were practically invisible. It was even a little scary to land; passengers could see the runway only 10 seconds before the chassis touched the ground.

Maldives Airport

We got off the plane, and around the puddle, it is nasty, light rain. The general disappointment of those who arrived cannot be described in words. To overcome several thousand kilometers for the sake of summer and bright colors – and here it is! Two years ago, we rested in the Maldives at the same time, the weather was perfect and pleased us with the sun.

Passport control passed quickly. This time, the border guards also worked well for passengers, and there were about 500 of them who passed control in a few tens of minutes. Then we promptly received the luggage and went to look for a hotel representative.

The boat we were sailing to the airport

When we booked the Summer Inn Thoddoo, we also ordered an additional transfer. The telephone number of the meeting person, despite our insistent requests in correspondence, was not informed to us. What this mystery is is unclear. Maybe they have several employees traveling to meet with tourists, they alternate, and the hotel did not know exactly who they would send. We were assured that the representative himself would find us. A tanned Maldivian with a tablet was found quickly. He took not only us, but also other guests of the island of Todd.

Last time, we went to the city from the capital’s airport to while away the time before the transfer. They handed things to the captain of the boat, which was supposed to bring us to the island, and went for a walk: they looked at meager sights and looked into the market. Because of the heat, they constantly drank water.

This time we did not have to melt in the sun, there were a lot of people who wanted to get to Todda, so the transfer scheduled for 16:00 was postponed for a day. We, arriving at 08:00, were incredibly happy about this.

The boat arrived at 11:30, loaded 22 tourists and set sail for the shores of Todd. The voyage lasted about 2 hours. The ocean was calm, sometimes drizzling rain from lead clouds, which seemed to catch us from Peter. Transfer cost us 25 US $ per person.

Welcome drink at summer in Thoddoo

At the pier we were met by a hotel employee. He offered a choice: drive to the hotel by minibus or walk. We chose the second, as we sat in a boat.

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