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Food Prices in Italy

In general, life in Italy is cheaper compared to neighbors in the European Union, for example, with Great Britain or Germany. Nevertheless, food and drink prices cannot be called so cheap. There are several ways to save money: prepare food yourself, eat in establishments where there are few tourists – in other words, away from the main streets – give preference not to restaurants, but to democratic trattoria, osteria, taverns and catering establishments with the name unfamiliar to Russian rumors.

Italian breakfast
In the homeland of Pliny, Julius Caesar and other prominent ancient figures, breakfast is not considered the main meal. As a rule, it consists of sweet pastries and a cup of coffee. Some cafes responded to the desire of citizens to eat proper nutrition and included fruit salads and granola in the menu.

caffe corto (espresso) – 1,20 €
caffe doppio (double strong) – 1,80 €
cappuccino (cappuccino) – 1.33 €
latte macchiato (lat macchiato) – 1,50 €
Pastries (cornetti) – from 1 to 3 €
Muesli – from 2 to 4 €
Fruit salad – from 5 to 7 €
Glass of juice – from 3 to 5 €
You can have breakfast at the hotel, ordering the usual dishes, such as scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, porridge, bacon. Eating will cost – from 8 to 12 € per person.

Italian lunch
In a budget restaurant, as well as trattoria and osteria, lunch will cost an average of 20 €. In resort and historical places in many institutions there is a standard tourist menu (Menu Turistico). This is a comprehensive lunch of inexpensive dishes. Price – from 14 to 19 €. Such a lunch usually includes a choice of first + second course or salad + second course, a bottle of water or coffee, sometimes ¼ liter of table wine is served.

To save money globally, you need to go to growth. These are small family restaurants. They are away from busy streets and cultural attractions. A hearty lunch or dinner will cost only 5-7 €.

Types of Sicilian Pizza

Dinner for Italians is the most important meal. The ritual of absorbing delicious dishes is accompanied by sincere conversations that can drag on for a long time, because the number of delicacies on the table of the indigenous people is striking in variety. Arriving at a restaurant or cafe, tourists succumb to the same temptation of gluttony.

Snacks – from 8 to 15 €
Cozzo – € 14.95

Fresh mussels baked with garlic, green onions, served with a slice of lemon and white wine sauce

Salad – 12 €

Mozzarella di Buffalo with arugula and tomatoes

Fried Zucchini – 7.95 €

Prosciutto with melon – 10.50 €

Bruschetta – 7.50 €

First course – from 3 to 5 €
Minestrone Soup – 4.75 €

Soup of the day – 3,00 €

Main course – from 11 to 20 €
Fried chicken with shallots, asparagus in white wine and tomatoes – 14.50 €

Young calf escalope with mushrooms and sauce – 12.50 €

Beef cheeks stewed in red wine with garlic, served with potatoes and green beans – € 19.80

Pasta – from 6 to 12 €
Lasagna – 8 €

Spaghetti Neapolitan – 7.70 €

Carbonate Pasta – € 6.80

Seafood Labels – 11.40 €

Ravioli with ricotta and spit – 7.50 €

Pizza – from 3 to 6 €
Marinara – from 3,00 €

Romana – from 4,50 €

Four cheeses – from 4,50 €

Prosciutto with champignons – from 5,20 €

Pizza from different types of meat – from 8.90 €

Calzone – from 3 to 4.90 €

Bottle of mineral water 0.7 L – from 1.07 to 2.70 €

Soft carbonated drinks 0.33 L – from 1.70 to 2.05 €

Imported beer 0.33 L – 3,50 €

Local beer 0.5 L – 4 €

Bottle of local wine 0.75 L – from 13 €

Attention! In all Italian restaurants and cafes, from 2 to 4 € are added to the service bill.

The closer the institution is to the center of the Italian capital, the more expensive it is. Do not be lazy to walk a bit to get the same dish, but much cheaper.

If you want to get acquainted with the gastronomy of the Ancient City, go to the Trastevere district. There in almost every house there is a cafe, trattoria, rosticheria or osteria. Not only tourists, but also natives love to bite into them. A budget lunch or dinner will make wallet easier for only 8 – 17 € depending on the appetite. Pasta with tomatoes, sausages and basil costs 6 €, a glass of beer – within 3 €, and a cup of coffee – up to 2 €.

In other areas of Rome, prices are higher. For the main course you will have to pay from 10 to 15 €, and for the soup – 7 €.

Local bars often hold promotions to attract customers – Happy Hours. When ordering a cocktail or beer, the bonus is sandwiches or light snacks. There are similar offers in cafeterias when, when ordering coffee, they give you a sweet compliment.

Pizza costs an average of 6 to 14 € depending on size and topping. There are small street tents Al tagli, where this iconic Italian dish can be bought at around 3 €, but this will not be a real pizza, but a pale copy of it with meager filling.

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