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Beaches of sicily

Sicily is washed by 3 seas: the Ionian, Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean. If you wish, you can swim in each of them, since the coastline with a length of about 1000 km allows you to find the perfect beach. For several years in a row, Marina di Ragusa, Santa Maria del Focallo and Pozzallo have been Beaches of sicilyof the Blue Flag. These beaches are recognized as the cleanest in Europe.

The peak season is in July and August. The resorts are crowded, restaurants are packed with tourists, and hotels are overpriced. Therefore, if you want to relax in complete silence, enjoy the splash of waves and nature, it is better to come to Sicily from early May to June or September until the last days of November.

Mondello beach

The water temperature is determined by the coast. Sandy beaches have a smooth descent into the sea and a shallow bottom, the water warms up to comfortable temperatures already in mid-May, so they always have a lot of families with small children.

Pebble beaches have a sharp descent. The thickness of the water does not warm up so quickly, but the stone retains heat longer than sand, so the swimming season on rocky beaches lasts a little longer.

It is also necessary to consider geography – the closer the resort is to the African continent, the hotter the water and air.

Most of the sandy beaches lie on the southern and southeastern parts of the island. Almost all of them are free, only some charge an entrance fee (from 5 to 15 €), offering in return an umbrella, 2 sun loungers and the ability to use a changing booth.

The best beaches for family and romantic holidays stretch from Fontana Bianca to Marinello di Selinunte.

Fontane Bianche Beach

Fontane Bianche translates as white fountains. The resort got its name for the unique snow-white sand, which gradually formed coastal cliffs consisting of white limestone. The local tiny beach belongs to the hotel, you will have to pay for the entrance.

The nearest hotels:

Fontane bianche beach club
Sweet Home, Villa Dunardi
Barbara B&B
Casahotel Sur La Mer
B&B Valentino’s
Grand Hotel Minareto Beach

There are no beaches in the city itself – neither urban nor private. They are located in the suburbs. The most picturesque is the Gala Morsche on the territory of the national reserve.

The nearest hotels:

Grand hotel minareto
Hotel Ortigia.
Both have their own private beach.

Aranella Beach

Aranella is one of the popular beaches in the Syracuse area with landscaped area. The descent into the water is gentle. There are no jellyfish and sea urchins, because the resort is suitable for children. Entrance to the beach is free. For a fee you can take sun loungers and umbrellas. On the coast is a good hotel Arenella Resort.

Noto Marina Beach

There are always many children on Noto Marina beach, located just a few kilometers from the ancient town of Notto. Long, well-maintained, with many bars and restaurants, he enjoys a well-deserved love. The coastline is divided in half – for free (wild) and paid with umbrellas and deck chairs.

The nearest hotels:

Central room & breakfast
Ninfea Lido di Noto
Noto marina
Mondello Beach

Palermo is famous for 2 beaches washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Mondello is the most popular. Surrounded by cliffs and caves, it is considered a visiting card of Sicily. On a long strip of sand there is enough space for everyone. Nearby are rich villas and houses. The infrastructure is well developed.

Terrazini Beach

Terrazini is the second beach in polarity. Comfortable and well-maintained, it is suitable for measured relaxation.

The nearest hotels:

Splendid Hotel La Torre
Mondello Palace Hotel
Villa esperia
beach of san lorenzo

San Lorenzo Resort, adjacent to the Vendicari Nature Reserve, is located near Noto. The beach is notable for its clear water and an abundance of greenery. The entrance is free. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers.

The nearest hotels:

Delle more
Village la canzone del mare
Parco carabella
Maria del Focallo beach

Maria del Focallo is ideal for relaxing with little fidgets. Fine sand warms well and retains heat for a long time. The coastline, 7 km long, is regularly cleaned. The entrance is free. For a fee you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. Regular buses from Ispica run to the beach.

The nearest hotels:

Club marispica
Villa principe di belmonte
Hotel Palazzo Gambuzza Maison de Charme
Carratoys beach

Carratois is located near the Mediterranean town of Portopalo di Capo Passero. This is an elite beach where a rich and famous audience likes to be. A strip of gold sand is safely hidden from prying eyes. A bumpy dirt road leads to it. There is a lot of white healing clay on the beach, many come there to do cosmetic procedures.

The nearest hotels:

La rosa dei venti
Albergo perseo

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