How to get from Tel Aviv to Eilat
Israel is a small country, which is not difficult to travel around, especially since the transport system is well developed. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the…

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Sights of Protaras
If you intend to relax in Cyprus, be sure to check out the town of Protaras in the southeast of the island near Ayia Napa. It stretches for 10 km…

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How to get from Tel Aviv to Eilat
Israel is a small country, which is not difficult to travel around, especially since the transport system is well developed. Do not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the…

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The best beaches of Protaras

Protaras is a chamber town in the south-east of Cyprus, stretching along the Fig Tree Bay. Unlike the neighboring Ayia Napa, where life is bubbling around the clock, Protaras appears as a quiet and measured resort – no noise and fuss. Luxurious sandy beaches, picturesque bays, fashionable hotels and gourmet restaurants – these are the components of a real luxury vacation.

Families with children who love the local coast for a gentle descent into the water, a shallow depth and a warm sea caressed by the hot rays of the southern sun love to visit this resort.

All Protaras beaches are municipal, even luxury hotels do not have their own fenced area. Here is a clear embodiment of ancient democracy and equality. Local authorities maintain the coastline in perfect order. Thanks to such efforts, many beaches were awarded the Blue Flag Award for compliance with international standards of quality and cleanliness.

Luma Beach

Also known as Calamies and Golden Coast, the beach is opposite the Golden Coast Hotel in the Pernera area. It can be reached by public transport or on foot.

Free admission. The fee is charged only for the use of umbrellas and sun loungers, but no one imposes a rental, especially since an umbrella may not be needed. Luma is the island’s most shady beach. A significant part of the sun loungers stands in the shadow of spreading palm trees.

The coastline is covered with sand, the cliff on both sides is protected by rocks from wind and waves, so there are a lot of young children. The infrastructure is well developed, the cleanliness is impeccable, which made the beach the proud owner of the Blue Flag.

For those who do not like lazily basking in the sun, a standard set of water activities is provided. There is a volleyball court where vacationers compete in dexterity and the ability to score a goal to an opponent from morning to sunset.

The chapel of St. Nicholas, built in 2007, is considered a peculiar attraction of the beach. The snow-white church inside is richly decorated with frescoes.

Flamingo beach or Sunrice beach

Flamingos – the central beach of Protaras, awarded the “Blue Flag” for cleanliness and amenities. There are toilets, changing cabins and showers. Admission is traditionally free, deck chairs and umbrellas are rented for a moderate fee.

The most diverse audience loves to be here, as everyone will find entertainment to their taste, in addition to sunbathing and swimming in crystal clear water.

Parasailing, surfing, riding a banana and jet skis are at a premium among active vacationers. Pleasure boats and catamarans run along the coast, some are equipped with a transparent bottom. Such a voyage will bring a lot of impressions to both adults and children, for whom another attraction is provided – almost a real pirate ship.

Along the beach stretches the promenade with a string of hotels, shops, souvenir shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The gourmet restaurant Ocean Basket is famous throughout Protaras. It serves the city’s best seafood.

Fig Tree Bay

The rare beach of Protaras is not marked with the “Blue Flag” for its cleanliness and amenities. The beach at Fig Tree Bay is no exception. Both locals and tourists have a rest here, mainly families with young children. The fine sand of golden color warms up perfectly, the absence of stones makes it safe to descend into the water, the shallow bottom warms up well, turquoise water, like a lens, allows you to see the marine life.

On the shore there is all the necessary infrastructure. A stay at the Fig Tree Beach will be as comfortable as possible. The entrance is free. Money is charged for the use of sun loungers, umbrellas and all kinds of entertainment. There is a usual set of active ways of spending time: a frisky ride on a banana, water skiing or a motorcycle, a review of the surroundings by parachute. In the northern part of the bay there are natural caves that can be explored with scuba gear.

Along the coast there are many cafes and taverns offering a bite to eat or dine on local and European dishes.

On the Fig Tree beach, a footpath begins, connecting all the beaches of the resort. In the evening, walks along it for good sleep and digestion, the rest of the time the path belongs to runners who like to combine sports with admiring beautiful views.

Green Bay

The beach, located in the bay of Green Bay, is not very popular among vacationers, but it is only a matter of time. A small rugged coastline with a comfortable descent into the water, located opposite the Hotel Cavo Maris, is a true paradise for a leisurely vacation with great potential. Perfect cleanliness, high-level service – there are all the attributes for a great pastime.

Divers like to visit Green Bay because of 2 convenient diving points.

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