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The best beaches of Tel Aviv

Many tourists coming to Tel Aviv do not at all consider this city as a beach resort, unlike Haifa and Netanya, and in vain. The business and cultural center of Israel is adjacent to a long strip of comfortable beaches for every taste.

Beach in Tel Aviv

Admission to all beaches is free, except for the beach of Ha Tsuk. You can rent beach equipment for the whole day (an umbrella – about 12 shekels, a deck chair – about 6 shekels) or sit under free canopies in the sand. To take a free place in the shade, you have to come early.
Opening hours of beaches:
April, May from 07:00 to 16:00.
June, July, August, September from 07:00 to 18:00 or 19:00.
October – March from 07:00 to 14:00.
These are the hours of work of lifeguards who are responsible for the life and safety of vacationers. You can come to the beach at any time convenient for you.

Each beach is adapted for people with disabilities. A person in a wheelchair can take advantage of a special awning and drive unhindered to the sea.
All beaches are kept in impeccable cleanliness.
There is all the necessary infrastructure: toilets, showers, changing cubicles, fitness equipment, first aid stations.
Each beach has a cafe, bar or restaurant. Prices are about 1.5 times higher compared to urban establishments.
Ha Tsuk
Ha Tsuk Beach

The northernmost and only paid beach of the city, demanded among local residents. Admission for adults – 12 shekels, for children – 8 shekels.

The long beach has 2 entrances, near each there is a paid parking.

Ha-Tsuk is suitable for families with children, the breakwater practically excludes the presence of waves, there are playgrounds.

Baruch Beach

Located in the north of Tel Aviv, behind the Sde Dov Airport. This is the most picturesque beach, where a respectable audience and families with children like to enjoy, for whom a nice playground has been built. There are few young people due to the lack of active entertainment.

In the northern part of Baruch, there are high dunes, ideal for romantic dates. There is a large paid parking.

Metsitsim (Sheraton)
Matsitsim Beach

Once this beach belonged to the Sheraton Hotel, from which it retained an unspoken name, but now it is a municipal property. There are always a lot of people here, especially families with children. A first-class playground is equipped for younger visitors. Thanks to the breakwaters, there is always a quiet sea.

The southern part of the coast is intended for orthodox. Women sunbathe and bathe on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, and men on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Frischman Beach

Located in the US Embassy area, near the Dan Hotel, opposite Frischman Street. There is almost no entertainment, peace and quiet – the main asset of the beach, where locals and tourists alike like it. There is a paid parking. The beach is conveniently accessible by public transport.

Hilton Beach

The long beach is divided into 3 segments.

South (to the breakwaters). This is the territory of surfers. If you have never stood on the board, contact the club, where you will not only be given equipment for a fee, but also an instructor will be offered. You can immediately engage in other water sports, such as parasailing or kite sefring.

Central (opposite the Hilton Hotel) is officially assigned to gays and lesbians. Sweet couples are not shy in public kissing.

North (dog). Here the townspeople with four-legged pets rest. The presence of animals does not affect the cleanliness and environmental friendliness of the coastline. The owners clean the pets, otherwise they will have to pay a fine of 1000 shekels.

There is a small coral reef in the water area that attracts fans of snorkeling.

Gordon Beach

The most populated beach of the city, located perpendicular to the street of the same name. Here is the most motley audience of all ages. Often hold beach parties.

Pride of the beach – a huge saltwater pool located on a wooden deck. It has several bathing areas – from the paddling pool to a full-fledged Olympic pool 50 m long.

There is a sports and children’s playground, a place for fishing and paid parking.

Banana Beach (Aviv Beach)
Banana Beach

The beach is located north of the Dolphinarium and stretches to the Carmelit bus stop. There are waiting for fans of relaxing relaxation. No annoying factors will disturb peace, even cigarette smoke. For smokers, separate places are provided.

There is a school of surfers and board rental for those who want to tame the waves.

Burgashov (Tsarfatim)
Burgashov Beach

The beach has 2 names. The official “Burgashov” was presented by the street, in the area of ​​which there is a recreation area. The word “tzarfatim” means “French.” For an unknown reason, tourists from France like to be here.

Nearby there are many restaurants for every taste, but if you need to buy sunscreen or ordinary water you will have to walk a little up the street.

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